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Тема в разделе 'Основы игры', создана пользователем Старик, 30 авг 2014.

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  1. Старик Administrator

    -Added Techies
    -Roshan deals 50 bonus damage against summoned units and illusions
    -Roshan HP regen lowered to 10
    -Roshan now gains 2.5 hp regen every 4 minutes
    -No longer possible to blink to a small area above the Dire fountain

    -Tier 1 towers now have 1.1 BAT
    -Tier 2 towers now have 1.0 BAT
    -Tier 3 towers now have 0.9 BAT, 1800 health, 1 health regen, 140-180 damage and 1000 night vision
    -Tier 4 towers now have 0.8 BAT, 2000 health, 5 health regen, 160-200 damage and 1000 night vision
    -Melee Barracks now have 10 health regen
    -Ranged Barracks now have 1 health regen

    -Aphotic Shield absorbed amount increased to 110/150/190/230

    -Unstable Concoction now provides small vision during flight and for a few seconds after landing

    -Mana Break mana burn increased to 30/45/60/75
    -Mana Break damage lowered to 50%

    -Movement speed increased to 300

    -Aghanim’s Scepter increases Fiend’s Grip range to 900

    -Primal Roar cooldown reduced to 80/70/60(30’)

    -Ruptured units will now always trigger thirst, regardless of their current health

    Bounty Hunter
    -Track now grants 20 bonus attack speed to nearby allies
    -Bounty Hunter is no longer revealed when casting Track from the fog of war

    -Spin Web cooldown rescaled to 35/30/25/20
    -Webs are now visible in the fog of war to Broodmother
    -Incapacitating Bite is no longer a unique attack modifier

    Chaos Knight
    -Chaos Bolt reworked slightly
    Minimum stun rescaled to 0.5/1/1.5/2
    Maximum stun rescaled to 3/3.5/4/4.5
    The stun value is now rounded to the nearest .25 rather than the nearest second

    -Test of Faith cooldown lowered to 24/22/20/18
    -Holy Persuasion cooldown lowered to 30/25/20/15

    -Death Pact no longer costs mana

    Crystal Maiden
    -Crystal Nova now slows for 4 seconds at all levels
    -Crystal Nova slow rescaled to 20/30/40/50%
    -Frostbite mana cost reduced to 80/95/110/125
    -Frostbite now deals damage every 0.25 seconds (The same damage per second, just dealt in smaller and faster increments)

    Dark Seer
    -Wall of Replica damage increased to 200/250/300

    -Doom now ends if Doom dies

    Drow Ranger
    -Frost Arrow slow increased to 24/36/48/60%
    -Precision Aura cooldown lowered to 120/110/100/90
    -Precision Aura now applies retroactively when activated, creeps created after it was activated will still receive the buff

    Earth Spirit
    -Magnetize initial radius increased to 600
    -Magnetize duration lowered to 4 seconds
    -Every time Magnetize is reapplied with a Stone Remnant, the duration is 1 seconds longer
    -Enemy heroes that die under the effect of Magnetize now return 1 Stone Remnant to the Earth Spirit

    Elder Titan
    -Earth Splitter width increased to 350

    Ember Spirit
    -Sleight of Fist mana cost increased to 65

    -Night vision increased 900
    -Enchant mana cost increased to 70/80/90/100

    Faceless Void
    -Chronosphere cast range lowered to 200
    -Chronosphere mana cost increased to 150/200/250

    -Gyrocopter is no longer revealed when casting Homing Missile from the fog of war
    -Homing Missile cast range increased to 1500
    -Call down damage reworked
    Missile 1 deals 300/400/500 damage
    Missile 2 deals 150/200/250 damage
    -Aghanim’s Scepter Call Down no longer increases Missile 2 damage
    -Aghanim’s Scepter Call Down now adds a third missile dealing 75/100/125 damage and another 20% slow falling 2 seconds after the second missile

    -Inner Vitality mana cost lowered to 100/120/140/160
    -Inner Vitality base regeneration increased from 2/4/6/8 to 0.5% of max health + 3/6/9/12

    -Tether slow duration increased to 1.5/2.25/3/3.75
    -Stunning Io while it is being pulled by Tether to its target will break the tether

    -Intelligence growth increased to 3.1
    -Dual Breath now slows movement speed by 45%

    Keeper of the Light
    -Aghanim’s Scepter Spirit Form can now be activated to turn the clock to 12 pm for 30/45/60 seconds on a 100 second cooldown for 100 mana (This pauses the current time, like Darkness, and returns the clock to its original time after its duration ends.) (Activating this during Darkness will end Darkness prematurely, likewise, activating Darkness during this will end the day prematurely.)

    -Added a visual indicator to Torrent to show how close it is to activating. (Only visible to Kunkka and his team.)
    -X Marks the Spot mana cost decreased to 60.
    -X Marks the Spot Return mana cast decreased to 25

    Legion Commander
    -Intelligence growth decreased to 2
    -Base armor reduced by 1

    -Split Earth range increased to 800
    -Lightning Storm jump limit removed.

    -Open Wounds lifesteal increased to 16/24/32/40%

    -Night Vision increased to 900
    -Base Agility increased to 19
    -Agility gain increased to 1.8
    -Light Strike Array cast range increased to 750

    -Mana Drain increased to 30/60/90/120 mana per second
    -Base armor increased by 1

    -Lucent Beam level requirement changed to 1/4/7/10
    -Lucent Beam damage rescaled to 120/180/240/300
    -Eclipse beam count increased to 4/8/12
    -Aghanim’s Scepter Eclipse beam count increased to 6/12/18
    -Aghanim’s Scepter Eclipse night duration now 15 seconds
    -Aghanim’s Scepter now gives Luna unobstructed vision for the night time duration of Eclipse

    -Base Intelligence increased to 21
    -Skewer cooldown reduced to 30/27/24/21

    -Range increased to 650
    -Split Shot radius increased to 800
    -Stone Gaze duration increased to 8

    -Leap mana cost is now 40 at all levels

    -Adaptive Strike cooldown decreased to 8

    Naga Siren
    -Song of the Siren mana cost increased to 100/125/150

    -Death Pulse heal increased to 75/100/125/150
    -Heartstopper aura damage increased to 0.6/1/1.4/1.8% per second
    -Sadist duration increased from 6 to 8
    -Reaper’s Scythe now stuns for 2.5 seconds before dealing damage
    -Reaper’s Scythe now deals damage through magic immunity
    -Reaper’s Scythe damage per health missing increased to 0.6/0.8/1 (0.7/1/1.3’)
    -Aghanim’s Scepter Reaper’s Scythe no longer reduces mana cost at level 1

    Night Stalker
    -Crippling Fear now silences for 3/4/5/6 during the day and night
    -Crippling Fear day miss chance now 30%
    -Crippling Fear night miss chance now 60%
    -Crippling Fear now silences items during the night
    -Hunter in the Night attack speed now works on illusions
    -Hunter in the Night now hides Night Stalker on the map during night time
    -Darkness duration increased to 30/60/90 seconds
    -Darkness cooldown now 120 seconds at all levels

    Ogre Magi
    -Fireblast mana cost now 100/120/140/160
    -Multi Cast now reduces Fireblast’s mana cost by 10/20/30 (Unrefined Fireblast is unaffected)
    -Multi Cast chance to cast twice increased to 30/45/60%
    -Multi Cast chance to cast three times increased to 10/20/30%
    -Multi Cast chance to cast four times increased to 0/5/15%
    -Multi Cast chance to cast five times 0/0/5%
    -Multi Cast now checks for a multi cast in descending order (first checks for a 5x cast, if not then checks for a 4x cast, if not the pattern continues)

    -Repel enemy duration changed to 6/5/4/3
    -Guardian Angel now affects buildings within the AoE without an Aghanim’s Scepter
    -Guardian Angel health regen to 25/35/45
    -Guardian Angel cooldown reduced to 120 seconds

    Outworld Devourer
    -Base Intelligence increased to 33

    Phantom Assassin
    -Blur evasion increased to 30/40/50/60%

    Phantom Lancer
    -Juxatpose max image count increased to 4/6/8/10
    -Juxtapose base chance lowered to 8%
    -Phantom’s Edge magic resist increased to 10/20/30%

    -Phase Shift duration increased to 1/1.75/2.5/3.25
    -Aghanim’s Scepter Dream Coil duration increased to 12 seconds
    -Aghanim’s Scepter Dream Coil cooldown decreased to 55 seconds

    -Flesh Heap bonus strength increased to 1.25/2/2.75/3.5
    -Flesh Heap bonus magic resist removed
    -Pudge now has 35% base magic resist

    -Decrepify cooldown increased to 14/12/10/8
    -Decrepify duration increased to 2/3/4/5
    -Nether Ward mana regen increased to -3/-6/-9/-12
    -Nether Ward mana regen doubled on decrepified units (including Ghost Scepter and Ethereal Blade)

    Queen of Pain
    -Scream of Pain damage increased to 115/185/255/325
    -Scream of Pain mana cost increased to 110/125/140/155
    -Sonic Wave damage increased to 400/520/640 (450/630/810’)

    -Breaking Static Link prematurely now activates the current level of Unstable Current on the target
    -Unstable Current slow duration increased to 0.6/1.2/1.8/2.4

    -Smoke Screen now dispels buffs from enemies and negative buffs from Riki on cast (must be in the cloud AoE when it is cast to take effect)
    -Blink Strike cooldown lowered to 16/12/8/4

    Shadow Fiend
    -Attack range increased to 530
    -Killing a hero now grants the maximum amount of souls

    Shadow Shaman
    -Ether Shock mana cost increased to 120/135/150/165
    -Shackles cast range reduced to 330

    Skywrath Mage
    -Base armor reduced by 1
    -Ancient Seal mana cost increased to 140 at all levels

    -Slithereen Crush now deals 60/120/180/240 damage
    -Amplify Damage duration increased to 45 seconds

    -Shadow Dance cooldown changed to 60/55/50

    -Night vision increased to 1400
    -Sniper is no longer revealed when casting Assassinate from the fog of war
    -Assassinate stun increased to 0.5/0.75/1 second

    -Spectral Dagger movement speed change is now 18% at all levels
    -Spectral Dagger damage type changed to pure damage
    -Spectral Dagger duration increased to 7/8/9/10 seconds

    Spirit Breaker
    -Agility gain increased to 2.1
    -Charge of Darkness now uses the movement speed of the charge in the calculations for Greater Bash while charging
    -Nether Strike will now always trigger a level 4 Greater Bash even if it is not learned

    -God’s Strength now increases Sven’s strength to the point where he gains a maim on each attack. While active Sven’s attacks slow by 12/15/18% for 2 seconds.

    -Metamorphisis cooldown lowered to 110

    -Chakram travel speed increased to 1100

    -Rearm now has a 10 second cooldown (cooldown is refreshed upon a successful Rearm)
    -Bloodstone can no longer be Rearmed

    Troll Warlord
    -Fervor reworked
    Fervor now lasts 6 seconds per stack. Changing targets does not reset the stack count. As long as Troll Warlord remains attacking anything he will keep the Fervor stacks, but once he stops fighting he loses his stack.
    -Battle Trance cooldown reduced to 28/24/20

    -Ice Shards now deals the damage in a 250 radius around the impact point
    -Walrus Punch mana cost now remains 50 at all levels

    -Soul Rip max unit count rescaled to 8/12/16/20
    -Tombstone zombie spawning radius increased to 750/900/1050/1200
    -Flesh Golem now has 2/3/4 bonus armor and 20% bonus magic resist
    -Aghanim’s Scepter now spawns 2 zombies every 3 seconds from the Tombstone

    -Ursa’s attack speed can’t be slowed during Overpower (Previously with enough -attack speed effects Ursa’s attacks could be slowed below the maximum limit)

    Vengeful Spirit
    -Magic Missile stun duration rescaled to 1.25/1.5/1.75/2
    -Magic Missile mana cost is now 125 at all levels
    -Wave of Terror damage increased to 50/75/100/125

    -Aghanim’s Scepter Poison Nova is now a 60 second cooldown at all levels

    -Soul Assumption base damage increased to 50
    -Levelling up Summon Familiars will now level up all currently alive familiars without having to resummon them

    -Chaotic Offering stun duration increased to 1.5(2’) seconds

    -Shackle Shot stun duration increased to 1.2 without shackling or 2.4/3/3.6/4.2 with a shackle
    -Windranger’s attack speed can’t be slowed during Focus Fire (Previously with enough -attack speed effects Windranger’s attacks could be slowed below the maximum limit)

    Witch Doctor
    -Base armor increased by 1

    -Lightning Bolt now purges buffs from any enemy hit
    -Static Field now affects everyone hit by Thundergod’s Wrath regardless of distance from Zeus
    -Thundergod’s Wrath will now hit invisible units
    -Thundergod’s Wrath sight duration increased to 5
    -When the mighty Zeus is slain, his killer is struck by the Thundergod’s Wrath 5 seconds after killing him.

    Black King Bar
    -Recipe cost increased to 1500

    Boots of Speed
    -Movement speed bonus lowered to +40

    -Activating the rune stored in a bottle will also give you the bottle buff, effectively giving you 4 sips if you have a rune inside.
    -Bottles will now slow a courier by 15% for every charge missing

    Diffusal Blade
    -Feedback now works on ranged illusions
    -Recipe cost lowered to 700
    -Now has 10 charges instead of 8
    -Buying a new recipe will restore all charges to a level 2 Diffusal Blade

    Drum of Endurance
    -Endurance now gives 30 attack speed, 15 movement speed and 1 armor

    Medallion of Courage
    -Duration of Valor increased to 11 seconds
    -Cooldown of Valor increased to 11 seconds
    -If either the caster or the target of Valor dies under the effect, the survivor gains +6 armor for the remainder of the buff

    -Necronomicon Warrior’s Last Will no longer deals lethal damage

    Observer Wards
    -Bounty increased to 75

    Orb of Venom
    -Movement slow now 10% for melee or ranged
    -Duration for ranged attacks is now 2 seconds

    Sentry Wards
    -Now have a 25 bounty

    Shadow Blade
    -Cooldown lowered to 24 seconds

    Tranquil Boots
    -When attacking or being attacked by creeps the cooldown is set to 7 seconds
    -When attacking or being attacked by Roshan, enemy heroes or enemy buildings the cooldown is set to 14 seconds
    -Illusions can now use the unbroken version of Tranquil Boots, however they will still not gain any health regen

    -Bonus HP increased to 280
    -Damage block increased to 50 for melee holders and 25 for ranged holders
    -Damage block reworked slightly
    Now has a 60% chance to block damage from creeps and a 100% chance to block damage from towers, Roshan and heroes.

    Veil of Discord
    -Magic amplification increased to 33%
  2. PETUWOK Active Member

    тинкер ТУ ЗЕ ГРАУД, с луной хуй знает что, лотар опять возвращают, ебланы, диффуза - оп, нс - оп, разор - оп, войд нерфанут, но не в упор нихуя, да - поставить норм теперь тяжеловато будет, но это мне не мешает пиздить 70% героев доты на 10-й минуте с момчиком и пт, вард пугны - оп, хуй в говне - оп.
  3. fest Well-Known Member

    -Added Techies

    из нового понравилось КОТЛ, какой-никакой а фанчик!!(вольво плз)

    вольво пошли по усилению всех до талого, игра становиться слишком трайхардной и уровень экшена зашкаливает, не для казуалов =\ Теперь уже точно не дадут побегать баунти с догоном и всех потыкать из инвиза =\
  4. KetsLun <img src=http://yoursmileys.ru/tsmile/want/t2812.g

    Интересно, но, как говорится, 4 great justice.
    Первая строчка ЯВНО не стакается с этим. Ну и на практике видно - минер есть, патча нет. Так что я бы не особо верил :)
  5. KetsLun <img src=http://yoursmileys.ru/tsmile/want/t2812.g

    Проскроллил. Не, это хуйня полная. Если в патче НЕ будет нерфа меки, я сломаю аркану на тб и удалю доту.
  6. fest Well-Known Member

    а чем тебе мека не понравилась?
  7. SaIII <font color='Red'>Jabberwock </font>

    это точно не фейковый лог? чет фрог опять тогда говна покурил походу, слишком много бредовых фиксов:fp:

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